I am an Assistant Professor in the Department of Computer Science at Smith College. I completed my Doctorate and Masters at the University of Toronto in Computer Science, and my Bachelors at the University of Waterloo in Software Engineering.

Student Hours

Appointments available upon request.


My research focuses on how individuals learn, make decisions and understand change, and I address these questions in the context of empirical software engineering. In early-phase software engineering, goal modeling elicits and connects stakeholders’ intentions and social needs with technical requirements in order to help stakeholders understand and evaluate potential tradeoffs. Within this context, my dissertation (advised by Marsha Chechik) enables stakeholders to model and reason about tradeoff decisions in the context of evolving requirements and dependencies. See my UToronto webpage for details about my prior work.


Students can provide me with anonymous course feedback or let me know how I can create a more inclusive learning environment.

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