GrowingLeaf: Supporting Requirements Evolution over Time

Alicia M. Grubb, Gary Song, Marsha Chechik, “GrowingLeaf: Supporting Requirements Evolution over Time.” Proceedings of the Ninth International i* Workshop (iStar), 2016.

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Abstract: Goal modeling and analysis techniques help stakeholders consider possible tradeoff alternatives in their requirements and answer “what if” questions about those alternatives. Software projects today exist in an ephemeral state, and current goal modeling approaches do not answer questions about model evolution and changes in actors’ intentionality. We have developed a technique [8] that allows stakeholders to explicate the dynamic nature of their intentional elements, and ask questions about how this dynamicity affects project outcomes. In this paper, we present GrowingLeaf , a new web-based goal modeling and analysis tool that implements this technique for iStar models. We discuss its support for modeling, simulation, and static analysis and illustrate it for a small example of making lunch.