Understanding Challenges and Tradeoffs in iStar Tool Development

Tong Li, Alicia M. Grubb, Jennifer Horkoff, “Understanding Challenges and Tradeoffs in iStar Tool Development.” Proceedings of the Ninth International i* Workshop (iStar), 2016.

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Abstract: Many iStar-based modeling and analysis tools have been developed for specific iStar-related purposes (e.g., tools enumerated in iStar wiki). Despite the proliferation of tools, new tools keep being built, taking resources and time and possibly “reinventing the wheel” in terms of tool functionality. To gain an in-depth understanding of this situation, we are interested in the challenges and tradeoffs in creating iStar tools. In this paper, we examine three diverse tools as case studies, illustrating the challenges and tradeoffs from the developer’s perspective. Based on such studies, we establish a goal model to capture the collected knowledge, which can help researchers to make informed decisions and optimize their tool development.