Support for User Generated Evolutions of Goal Models

Boyue Caroline Hu, Alicia M. Grubb, “Support for User Generated Evolutions of Goal Models.” Proceedings of the 11th International Workshop on Modeling in Software Engineering (MiSE), 2019.

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Abstract: Goal models are used in early phase requirements engineering to elicit stakeholders’ intentions, analyze dependencies, and help stakeholders make trade-off decisions about the project and its interaction with the environment. The Evolving Intentions framework extended goal model analysis to evaluate how models change over time, by creating simulation paths showing possible evolutions of the model. More recently, we extended this analysis to allow users to explore states along the path and generate their own simulation paths. However, this approach is limited by users ability to comprehend the state space, which grows exponentially with the size of the model. In this paper, we explore using filters to reduce the number of viewable solutions enabling users to create their own simulation results. We present our approach and initial validation, including an analysis of prior models and a review of expert feedback.