Towards an Evaluation Visualization with Color

Megan H. Varnum*, Kate M. B. Spencer*, Alicia M. Grubb, “Towards an Evaluation Visualization with Color.” Proceedings of the 13th International i* Workshop (iStar), 2020.

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Abstract: Goal models help stakeholders understand project scenarios and make decisions. In prior work, we used Tropos evaluation semantics to allow for automated analysis over time; however, formal evaluation labels (e.g., (F, bottom)) are difficult for users to interpret across a large model. In this paper, we present our work towards understanding the extent to which using colors in goal modeling affects users’ ability to make decisions. Specifically, we are interested in studying if coloring intentions with evaluation information allows for better comparisons of initial states and simulations of future paths. To address this question, we developed a color visualization extension to BloomingLeaf, a goal model analysis tool, where the color of each node is changed based on either the initial evaluations or the resulting analysis over time. This then allows us to explore if and how color visualization assists the user with decision making. We present our implementation and initial evaluation of this extension.