Note: Homework assignments should be completed in identified pairs (not more than two students), but may be done individually as well. As a pair, you should submit your assignments separately, but you will receive the same grade as your partner.

In this assignment, you will write a python program that manipulates a user-entered string.  The user interface should first ask the user to input a sentence. For example:

Enter a sentence: I <3 Smith college!

Your program will then output the following:

0. I <3 Smith college!
1b. i <3 smith college!
2. I <3 Smiith coolleegee!
3. I <3 ...lege!
4. I <3 Smith College!
5. !egelloc htimS 3< I
6. |         I <3 Smith college!          |

Grading criteria (10 points):

Style points (3)

The submission:

  • includes a header including both partners’ names, the filename, and any references
  • uses appropriate, informative variable names
  • is called and runs without syntax errors
  • is accompanied by a completed self-evaluation by the author

Operations (7 points)

The program uses some combination of string methods, indexing, splitting, and concatenation to perform print each of the following modifications of the input (1 point each):

    1. Mirror: The exact sentence that the user entered
    1. Case: 1a. ALL CAPS and 1b. all lowercase
    1. Repeat: the string with each vowel [a,e,i,o,u] repeated (lowercase vowels only)
    1. Abbreviate: the first 5 letters of the string, followed by “…”, and then the last 5 letters. If the string is 10 or less letters long, just print the entire string (no ellipses needed).
    1. Capitalize Words: The Sentence With Each Word Capitalized
    1. Reverse: the sentence written in reverse
    1. Pretty: The sentence is centered inside vertical bars |, where the total distance inbetween (and not including) the verticle bars is double the length of the sentence.

Help with 6.: To include a variable name for the length as a parameter in the .format function, you need to put the variable index inside { } braces. For example:

>>> my_len = 10
>>> print("|{0:{1}}|".format("test", my_len)) 
|test      |

Note: If there is a line you can’t figure out, simply print the number and leave the line blank, e.g.

0. I <3 Smith college!
1b. i <3 smith college!
2. I <3 Smiith coolleegee!
4. I <3 Smith College!


Your submission must include the course header at the top.

# ------------------------------------------------------
#        Name: 
#     Section: L01, L02, L03, or L04
#    Filename:
#       Peers: N/A
#  References: 
# ------------------------------------------------------

Last Submission February 18, 2020 at 10:00PM (EST). Go to our Moodle page. Submit your file and fill out your self-assessment.