Note: You should complete this assignment in identified pairs (not more than two students). You should submit your assignments separately, but you will receive the same grade as your partner. You may do this assignment by yourself, if you are so inclined…but then you cannot discuss the homework with any other students (or reference any other students in your header).

For this homework assignment, you’ll build on what you learned in lab. Do not start this homework until you have completed the graphics lab. You may start this assignment using your completed lab file.

In this assignment, you will build an aquarium visualization. From lab, we assume that you already have two different kinds of fish that can swim accross the screen.

Required Features:

Now it’s your chance to be creative! There are lots of modifications you could make to your tank.

Optional Extra Features:

Complete a personal reflection in a file called hmwk9-readMe.txt. In the first part list all features you implemented (including anything you believe you should receive partial or full credit for). In the second part, reflect on any challenges you had in completing this assignment (both technical and life), including any features you tried to complete but abandoned. (Note: there is no google form for self-reflection this week.)

Grading criteria (12 points):

Style points (4 points):

The submission:

  • includes the complete course header
  • uses appropriate, informative variable names
  • has inline comments, and descriptions of each function and class 
  • includes all files required to run your assignment
  • the main() should be located in a files called
  • runs without syntax errors
  • includes a hmwk9-readMe.txt file giving your reflection and self evaluation on this assignment

Operations (8 points):

The program includes each of the required features and one optional feature. Programs will be evaluated based on code quality and the quality of the visualization.


Your submission must include the course header at the top.

Last Submission April 28, 2020 at 10:00PM (EST). Go to our Moodle page. Submit your, hmwk9-readMe.txt, and any other files needed to run your program.