Note: You should complete this assignment in identified pairs (not more than two students). You should submit your assignments separately, but you will receive the same grade as your partner. You may do this assignment by yourself, if you are so inclined…but then you cannot discuss the homework with any other students (or reference any other students in your header).

For this homework assignment, you’ll build on what you learned in lab. Do not start this homework until you have completed the recursion lab. Consider learning a bit more about Fractles.

Begin by downloading the starter file, and save it locally. You MUST use this starter file to get credit for the assignment.

Choose your favorite fractal, except the Koch Curve (below are three examples). Write a function to draw the fractal for any depth that will fit on the turtle screen.

Use the turtle module for drawing lines, be creative.

The Dragon of Eve

The Sierpinski Triangle

The Hilbert Curve

Note: Although it doesn’t involve using geometry, the Hilbert Curve is significantly harder than either the Dragon of Eve or Sierpinski Triangle. Only do the Hilbert Curve if you are not feeling challenged in this course and feel up to the task.

Grading criteria (8 points):

Style points (2 points):

The submission:

  • includes the complete course header
  • uses appropriate, informative variable names
  • has inline comments, and descriptions of each function 
  • is called and runs without syntax errors
  • is accompanied by a completed self-evaluation by the author

Operations (6 points):

The program:

  • uses recursion and does not edit the main code
  • creates interesting (three examples above a sufficiently interesting for this)
  • draws fractal correctly with at least 2 as the order variable
  • correctly uses functions or helper functions where necessary
  • can draw any depth that will fit on the turtle screen


Your submission must include the course header at the top.

Last Submission April 14, 2020 at 10:00PM (EST). Go to our Moodle page. Submit your file and fill out your self-assessment.