Note: You should complete this assignment in identified pairs (not more than two students). You should submit your assignments separately, but you will receive the same grade as your partner. You may do this assignment by yourself, if you are so inclined…but then you cannot discuss the homework with any other students (or reference any other students in your header).

You will write a python program that uses a variation of the simple, well-known PIG LATIN cypher to encrypt (and decrypt) a message. To accomplish this, you will write three functions inside a file called

  1. The encrypt(...) function will take in a string and perform the following operations:
  1. The decrypt(...) function should do the inverse (i.e. it should undo the encrypt() function’s modifications and recover/return the original message).

  2. The main(...) function should then do the following:

Grading criteria (10 points):

Style points (2 points)

The submission:

  • includes a header including both partners’ names, the filename, and any references
  • uses appropriate, informative variable names
  • is called and runs without syntax errors
  • is accompanied by a completed self-evaluation by the author

Operations (8 points)

The program:

  • correctly defines and calls both encrypt(...) and a decrypt(...) functions from main().
  • has a main() function that runs when we execute but not if we import it.
  • has an encrypt(...) function that correctly transforms the input message (3 pts.).
  • has a decrypt(...) function that correctly recovers the original message (3 pts.).


Your submission must include the course header at the top.

Last Submission March 10, 2020 at 10:00PM (EST). Go to our Moodle page. Submit your file and fill out your self-assessment.