Note: You should complete this assignment in identified pairs (not more than two students). You should submit your assignments separately, but you will receive the same grade as your partner. You may do this assignment by yourself, if you are so inclined…but then you cannot discuss the homework with any other students (or reference any other students in your header).

In this assignment, you’ll use lists and dictionaries to create a music library interface. Using your interface, the user should be able to:

For a demonstration of how the interface should work, check out this video from a previous term.

Grading criteria (8 points):

Style points (2 points):

The submission:

  • includes the complete course header
  • uses appropriate, informative variable names
  • has inline comments, and descriptions of each function 
  • is called and runs without syntax errors
  • is accompanied by a completed self-evaluation by the author

Operations (6 points):

  • The user can enter information about a song (title, artist, album, url), which is stored in an appropriate data structure
  • The user can add multiple songs to the library, which are stored in an appropriate data structure
  • The user can print the contents of the music library
  • The user can delete a song
  • The program asks the user to specify their preferred action (ADD, REMOVE, PRINT, QUIT) and responds accordingly
  • The user can PLAY a song by opening the user-entered URL in a web browser


Your submission must include the course header at the top.

Last Submission April 7, 2020 at 10:00PM (EST). Go to our Moodle page. Submit your file and fill out your self-assessment.